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I have been clearly not writing many blogs lately and for that, I apologize. I am always reading and researching and this desire to make a better life for those of us and our loved ones dealing with fibromyalgia is always close to my heart. But, now the fibromyalgia community across the nation requires needs your help!

I have been absent for a combination of reasons namely a bad flare-up that lasted quite a while and also I have been involved with a newly formed grassroots organization called Fibromyalgia Association Canada (FAC). This organization is focused solely on advancing the fight for greater inclusion, advocacy, enhanced medical services, and research. These efforts will serve to improve the quality of lives for persons living with fibromyalgia and their loved ones. Also, I wish to thank WEGO Health for the lovely shirt!. P.S. I hates selfies.....

I first became involved with Fibromyalgia Association Canada (FAC) through the great people at Fibromyalgia London Group (FLG) which is a support group located in London, Ontario. I was delighted when I was asked to join the steering committee and be involved. I very much appreciate the invitation. I soon learned the purpose of the Fibromyalgia Association Canada was to build a unified national voice in order to:

  • advocate for Fibromyalgia through increased awareness, research, education, and funding

  • for improved government disability and extended health benefits

  • to improve the quality of life of Canadians living with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Association Canada and Fibromyalgia London Group are both volunteer-driven organizations comprised of people with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight into the fibromyalgia community. Fibromyalgia has no regard for your gender, socio-economic class, race, or culture, it has no barriers or restrictions as to who may be adversely affected by this disease. Therefore, the wonderful people involved in these groups come from various occupations and can bring a host of useful knowledge to the table for any concern.

So, have you heard about my fundraiser to support the Fibromyalgia Association Canada? Over the next month, I am aiming to raise $5,000.00 for this cause. But, I can not do this without your generous help!

Having first-hand knowledge of how this disease changed my life so quickly and profoundly and then meeting others who have shared experiences and seeing the need for change, services, and support drives me to be involved. That's why I am standing on my shoebox here (sitting at my desk chair) and asking for your help in the form of a donation to show support.

Any donation would be of great help as the funding would be used for the start-up costs of the association, some expenses to name a few:

  • setting up a zoom account and website development

  • application for a non-profit charitable organization

  • building a research fund

  • conference and transportation expenses

  • daily administrative costs such as mailing and banking fees

  • etc.

Fibromyalgia Association Canada will endeavor to connect and engage with Canadian residents who have Fibromyalgia, through collaboration and advocating for a stronger presence and relationship with decision-makers in key government positions, and medical and healthcare sectors. There are four main core areas that FAC will focus on:

  • Awareness

  • Research

  • Education

  • Advocacy

I am sure persons with Fibromyalgia and their loved ones all agree that these above-mentioned initiatives are needed due to an observed lack of services, treatment, and research. Did you know that locally there are no support systems and a lack of medical treatment centers for fibromyalgia? There are no specialists that persons with fibromyalgia belong to, we are an orphaned illness.

So, I am challenging myself to raise $5,000.00 to assist in the start-up of FAC. So, it goes without saying I cannot do this without all your help. You will never know where Fibromyalgia will come into your life and or your loved ones. This research we plan to advocate for and cause awareness could significantly help find some answers. We now know that fibromyalgia is a neurological basis for it involving pain amplification. Clauw, Daniel J et al. “The science of fibromyalgia.” Mayo Clinic proceedings vol. 86,9 (2011): 907-11. doi:10.4065/mcp.2011.0206. There is so much more to be done to allow for quicker diagnosis and better treatment.

Will you consider contributing to my campaign? Any gift can go far towards reaching my goal you can donate in two ways:

  • An email address for easy e-transfers has been set up at

  • cheque payable to Fibromyalgia Association Canada, mail to the attention of Jacqueline Fraser 10 Bellrock Crescent, London, Ontario N5V 4X3.

Please jump on in and help out, support us and show you care and understand. Any amount can help to our cause. Remember you're not alone!. #FAC

Donate to Our

“Seed Money”

Fundraising Campaign!

We Need Our Community’s Support

•Runs from May 12th to June 12th

Matching Fund Challenge – if we raise $1,000 from the community, then an anonymous donor will donate $1,000 to match our goal!

•David Wilson, Group Manager, Fibromyalgia London Group [FLG], has invited FM Support Groups across Canada to support this national association by becoming a member and sending in a group donation.

Donations can be sent via:

E-transfer to, or

Cheque, payable to Fibromyalgia Association Canada, to 10 Bellrock Crescent, London, Ontario N5V 4X3

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