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  • Maggie O'Brien

Dr. Murphree explains...

I came upon Dr. Roger Murphree in researching treatment options for Fibromyalgia. Dr. Murphree has been treating Fibromyalgia for twenty years and has also written a book "Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia". I have watched his videos and chatted with him on Facebook live. I found him to be direct and knowledgeable. This Doctor without a doubt gets the damage Fibromyalgia does to your life. This sense of being understood and validated brings a form of comfort, that comes with having someone who "gets you" and believes you. Watch as Dr. Murphree explains what it feels like to live and function with Fibromyalgia to our friends and family. Thank you Dr. Murphree for your kind words and calling out the professionals who don't believe in this disorder.

Dr. Murphree has a Jumpstart protocol and a New Fibro Rescue program that is offered to Fibro Fighters. You can follow him on Facebook and at his webpage

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