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Celebrating the Holidays while Chronically Ill!

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving Day, Fibromyalgia Warriors!

Dear Fibromyalgia Community,

As Thanksgiving Day arrives, I want to take a moment to send my warmest wishes to all of you who are part of this resilient and inspiring community. While we face unique challenges every day, I hope this holiday season brings you comfort, joy, and a reminder to cherish the moments that matter most.

I was so pleased and thankful that I was able to entertain my family, plan, and cook a wonderful family dinner with them. With the help of my family, we shopped for the usual turkey and ham and all the sides. Being able to cook an amazing dinner, set a pretty table, and do some baking for my family brings me great joy. Sharing a family meal together is special to me and while it takes a lot out of me. I learned to plan, do the prep work while sitting and take short breaks. I also wear comfy clothes, listen to music that makes me happy, and just really savour the moments. I am thankful for my husband and the boys for doing all the cleanup. I always plan a recovery day in which I spoil myself with a hot bath or hot tub and no pressure. My family and I celebrated on Sunday, so today I enjoyed taking it easy and the hubby and I walked the dogs and did some geocaching. Yes, I am a big nerd.

Living with fibromyalgia can be incredibly demanding, both physically and emotionally. It's a constant balancing act, and I want to emphasize the importance of self-care during this time. As you gather with friends and family to celebrate, please remember to pace yourself. Listen to your body, and don't hesitate to take breaks or rest when needed. You deserve this time to rejuvenate.

Moreover, Thanksgiving is a beautiful opportunity to express gratitude for the people who support us on this journey. Let's take a moment to appreciate our loved ones, who stand by us through thick and thin. Share your love and appreciation with them, for they are our greatest source of strength.

So, my dear friends, as we gather around the table on Thanksgiving Day, let's not forget to give thanks for the moments of respite, the understanding of friends and family, and the strength within ourselves. May your day be filled with warmth, love, and the knowledge that you are not alone in this journey.

Happy Thanksgiving to every one of you. May it be a day of comfort, connection, and gratitude.

With warm wishes,


Frequently Fibro

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