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Celebrate, Our first podcast .....

Link to listen at the bottom!

I discovered podcasts and I enjoyed being able to listen when in the car driving. It's a great way to get your errands done and enjoy other interests.

Now, I discuss fibromyalgia with an aim at building our connection to one another in the fibro community. It's just another way to advocate and be proactive as we look to build awareness.

In this podcast, we simply talk about the basics and squirrels. Yes, I said squirrels. Let's see how this goes. Remember, we don't discuss medical problems for pity and sympathy, we are simply bringing attention to issues revolving around a lack of support and further research with this condition.

Also, if you need to reach out find a support group, or an online community, I find everybody is always very helpful and understanding. We all have bad days, this condition is very isolating, and it keeps taking and taking. All the people with fibro and social media fibro advocates out there are working to help one another. Rember, to give back the love and support and that you are not alone.

Feel free to share the love and support. Help support our fundraiser over at Fibromyalgia Association Canada (FAC), please donate as we work towards a goal to raise some start-up money to build a national organization. I would just like to throw some love out there for all the people over at FAC who show an admirable amount of commitment and support to the fibro community. A knowledgeable group of mixed individuals from all walks of life and provinces who bring so much to the table and will surely move mountains. Thank you!

See my last blog on how to donate. Here is the link to the podcast on Anchor and Spotify.

Where to listen:

On Anchor

On Spotify

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