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Hello, there my name is Maggie, and welcome to"Frequently Fibro!" Where you will find everything about fibromyalgia, from lifestyle tips to coping with chronic illnesses, and all the mischief I can get into along the way. 


I decided to start this blog to share my experiences with fibromyalgia and other chronic health issues. I would also like to share some home decor, lifestyle, hobbies, and crafts from time to time. In this way, I can discuss and share fibromyalgia information but also be positive and share my everyday moments.

I will be finding my footing here, being that I am new to blogging and also newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia. So, please be patient and kind. I have to rest most of the time and blogging will help me in many ways. I hope to help others as well in my journey.

I am not writing for pity or sympathy. I am writing to share and learn and maybe be understood. There’s an old saying that no one never truly understands until it happens to them. I am not a quitter anyone who knows me gets that I am a fighter. The army in me tried to just soldier on for the longest time because I loved my job and life. Uniform people get that it’s hard to be on the outside looking in when you find yourself on the outside of the team. I know I will adjust and find my niche. I just wanted to put that out there

In the Windsor, Ontario area I found no support groups or treatment groups other than the pain clinic for fibromyalgia. I turned to a longtime friend who had multiple illnesses and she was very helpful and gave me some wonderful advice and she really understood. 


I had an experience during an intervenous therapy appointment where many of the patients receiving treatments began helping each other with some kindly advice. This left an impression on me and helped me to identify some service delivery gaps in the medical system. I also had a horrid experience at the hospital, which made me want to advocate to improve how those with chronic issues are treated. That's when I decided to begin blogging. 

I am learning to become a patient leader with WEGO health and am diving into any material for training.         When you can follow the link and check it out. 

So, while I  learn to function and enjoy my disorder’ ed life. I would like to share my experiences as I go along. So, come along and join me! Let’s have some fun, real conversations and find some inspiration together!

Be well and thanks for visiting my disorder’ ed life!


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